Our Country Wedding: Part 2

Here are some pics of our wedding decorations, we made a lot of them at home with a lot of help from family and friends (they are the best!)

The Hitching Post sign was pretty cute, too bad it rained so much the letters started falling off. But luckily we got a picture of it before it fell apart. These are just wooden letters from the Dollar Store glued (hot glue gun) onto a post Bob made out of scrap wood.

This love sign was part of the head table decorations. They are the font bleeding cowboys printed from my Epson 1400 which can print on larger paper sizes. The pages are hung from a string with clothes pegs and a hot glue gun. The love sign hangs from the two tree bundles on either side of the head table. The tree bundles are wrapped in lights and have the signs cowboys and cowgirls shown below.
These are the beautiful hydrangeas we got that were supposed to hang in baskets down the aisle of the ceremony, but it was raining too hard and the wind was too strong.
We also decorated the barn with lots of white Christmas lights.
The ring of lights was from Ikea and was perfect to hold the white paper balls (Martha Stewart from Walmart).
This was a great idea for a guest book. It is just a simple scrapbook with lots of room on the pages for people to leave their words of wisdom and well wishes.
The programs were made with the help of my girlfriends. We had the scrapbook tools out and had an assembly line, it didn't take that long to do. The programs had the bridal party, evening events, and the menu and opened up like a fan.
We also made these with all the girls. We used Stampin Up's Yummy Stamp Set and stamped napkins from Ikea.
The cups were a lot of work. We sat out on the front deck and had the hot glue gun set up and decorated a lot of cups.
These stupid tumbleweeds are forever blowing into our yard so when we were looking for ideas for center pieces to go with the lanterns, these just seem to fit. We wrapped little cherry blossom flowers around them and sand dollars to give them some spice. We got the tins from JYSK, they were citronella candles, we just added sugar and then blue sand on top to coordinate with our colours.
We weren't really into the wedding cake idea, especially since it was supposed to be in the 30s(C) that day (it was for awhile before the storm came in). So we had 5 buckets of ice cream with our favourites...Chocolate chip mint and cookies & cream (mine) and bubble gum (Bob's) and few others. We also had ice cream toppers (sauces and Oreo cookies) and a candy bar. The candy bar was also a huge hit with Bob and all the kids!


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