Country Lesson #1

Water does not flow endlessly from the tap. WHAT the?!?!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Hahaha OK, I must be having a blonde moment but I had no idea that country living involved hauling your own water. Have you ever heard of a cistern? I hadn't until we got here; it's basically a big tank in the ground that holds your water. Its not hooked up to city (or town) water pipes...nope you have to have another tank in the back of your truck, go to one of the water stations and fill up your tank, then transfer it to the cistern in the ground.

You don't want to be in the middle of washing your hair when the tank runs out!!!

When we first moved into our new home we were informed that the water had been sitting for a few months, it smelled sooo bad. The movers had just unloaded all our stuff into our tiny new home and we were so desperate for showers that we braved the nasty smelly water but then ran all the taps in the house to empty the tank. We then headed into town for our very first water trip. My hubby got into the back of the truck and put the water hose in the tank. I attempted to help by plugging the meter with change. Well, as soon as I put the money in, the water started flowing. Unfortunately the hose in the tank had a leak so the water was flowing into the tank and then right back out. LOL this isn't your typical garden hose, the water is gushing out and there was water everywhere. I felt bad for my husband he was soaking wet but I had to laugh. I'm sure everyone could tell we were the newbies in town. After a few trips to the hardware store my hubby had the hose fixed and we successfully transfered water.

Thank goodness the tank is in the truck and not in my car. This is one chore I'm lucky I don't have to do, thank you to my wonderful hubby!


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