Modern Country Cinderella

Top to bottom, left to right - 1.via; 2.via; 3.via; 4.via; 

These beautiful kitchen and dinning room fireplaces remind me of one of my favourite movies growing up, Ever After. Its probably one of a handful of chick flicks that I have enjoyed watching. Cinderella got her name from sleeping by the cinders in the kitchen fireplace where she slaved away. 

Ever After Movie - via 

Any modern country Cinderella would probably love to have one of these fabulous kitchen fireplaces. All she would have to do is pop in a K-cup, press the start button and sit back and enjoy the crackling of the fireplace while sipping on some hot cocoa. 

Top to bottom, left to right - 1.via; 2.via; 3.via; 4.via


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