Rustic Country Table

On Easter we were out in the field taking random photos and I came across an old wood pallet and I had thought maybe I could make a rustic wood box that I could use to store blankets in. After my husband ripped off the boards from the pallet I realized that the boards were big enough to make a table. 

So my handy hubby built a rustic table that we are going to use on the patio. I would use it inside but we just don't have enough room, we already have one dining room table disassembled and stored against a wall.

I was going to help him but he made a few cuts and had it put together so fast that I barely had time to take a few pictures. He laid the boards flat and made a skirt and using a new piece of 2x4 to screw all the boards into. This is how it turned out...fabulous!!


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