Modern Country Potatoes

I love potatoes, my family would agree that I grew up on mashed potatoes. Here are some very cute country ideas to incorporate potatoes into any  party or wedding.

Crispy Mashed Potato Poppers - these fried mashed potato balls look Delicious!!!
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Simple Mashed Potatoes - add a little cheese and you can enjoy a little piece of heaven!! I also love the look of the white ceramic serving bowls. I have never tasted mashed potatoes in ice cream cones, I am not sure how that would taste!
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Mashed Potato Martinis - these are very popular right now. They are a very cute way to serve up a favourite dish. They can also be featured in a mashed potato martini bar where your guests can create their own dish.
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Fabulous French Fries - while you might not associate french fries with weddings there are some very cute ways to serve them up, and you can be sure they will be gobbled up!
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