Fishin Country: Fishing Theme Party

My husband's new favourite country hobby...Fishing!!! While I don't mind hanging out with my husband relaxing in the boat, I much prefer to read my decor magazines rather than trying to lure a scaly slimy smelly fish into the boat only to throw it back in the water because neither of us eat fish...hahahaha. 
The hobby has become addicting for my husband and his friends and I suspect there are many others who enjoy the hobby as well. So why not incorporate fishing into your next party. Here are some great ideas for your next Country Fishing Party.

Food Ideas - Fish & chips
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- Gold fish crackers
 1.via 2.via 3.via 

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- fish and chips cupcakes
- bait bucket cake
- fish cake
- fish cupcakes
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Larrie said...

Hi! I'm throwing a fishing themed party for my son. Could you possibly email me the "Gone Fishin" label you did for your goldfish bags? larrie_tarver@yahoo.com I would love to make those for his party! I sure would appreciate it.

Erica Webb said...

What is the blue seafoam dip made of ?

Marie Germann said...

How do you make the sea foam dip.

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